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You can use our tools to get more information about your WordPress installation. You can clear microsoft tags from HTML files.

Free Online Blank Line Remover. Remove multiple blank lines from a text file

This quick tool allows you to remove newlines from text file.

Free Online Duplicate List Item Remover. Remove multiple items from a commma separated list

This free online tool allows you to remove duplicate items from a list. The items can be separated by new lins, commas, pipe (|), tab etc.

Free Online Duplicate Line Remover. Remove multiple lines from a text buffer

This free online tool allows you to remove duplicate lines from a text.

PHP script accessing Facebook Test Users API

This PHP script accesses Facebook's API to: Get access token, create/delete a test user, get test user list

Free Online HTML List Generator. Paste the content and the tool will return ul list items.

This tool will generate html ul list out of the lines you paste below.

HTML Tidy - Cleans and formats HTML

This quick tool allows you to clean and format your HTML code.

JSON Generator | Online Tool for JSON encoding

A simple online JSON Generator. You need to enter key and value pairs and the tool will return the encoded JSON object

Free Online Link Extractor. Parse text to extract web page links.

This quick tool allows you to extract links from text.

Online Lottery Number Generator - 6/49 Lottery

Generates quick pick numbers for 6/49 lottery.

MS Word Smart Tag Cleaner

This free web tool removes hidden tags generated by Microsoft Word/Excel

php URL Parse, php function parse_url

php function parse_url. This free online tool allows you to test parse_url

Prepend and Append text to another text

This free online tool allows you to prepend and append text to each line from a text. Useful for apache/nginx deny rules

Service which resizes an image to 800 pixels wide.

This PHP script uses ImageMagick to resize and image to 800px in width. File file size goes down as well.

Free Resource Box Generator. EzineArticles Author Resource Box Generator

This free online tool allows you to quickly and easily generate your author resource box. Just follow a few simple steps.

Serialization and Deserialization

This free online tool allows you urlencode, urldecode, encode or decode base64.

Title Case Generator - Free Online Title Case Tool

This tool will make Your Blog Titles into Title Case Format.

WordPress Site Explorer - Find out what plugins and themes your site uses.

This online service analyses your WordPress install and tries to detect its version, theme and plugins it uses.